A poem caught inside my heart,

It’s lines stuck on my lips,

Words refuse to sit on paper ,

Fluttering around like butterflies,

So long have I waited, my dear,

To write your name on this sheet of paper,

Cos your name would be more than enough,

What better poem can there be?


I wish I could learn a trick or two from this Weaver friend,

Having often seen him working the warp,

Whenever a thread snaps or ends,

He simply ties it to some other,

And begins to weave again,

But the real catch is in his weave,

No one can see the knots,

So ,Teach me dear Weaver friend of mine,

I have woven so many relations in my life,

Yet all the knots remain clearly visible.


You must have been hurt God,

When while praying I yawned,

Tired of this thought embedded in a prayer,

For ever since I could see and hear I remember being told,

That our days and nights are at your mercy,

And in your hand lies everything,

” Pray to him!”,

Though Strange is this notion of praying,

This futile one sided dialogue with someone,

Someone who’s face is imagined and so is the proof of his existence.

Tug of war

Sometimes I feel this life is a one sided tug of war,

Though it would have been a different matter if it’s one end was given to me,

Strange is the one on the other end, stronger than me and can’t even be seen.


Pain just stays for a little while, not for too long,

Just like a leaf broken from its branch which dries up in a few days,

How long can this pain survive once severed from its limb?

When it’s strength begins to ebb,

It will flare for a while before it has to flicker away,

And then with a long smoky last breath it will die,

The pain too comes to an end,

After all pain stays just for a little while, not for long…


I went through the day,

With no friends to help,

A stranger even to myself,

A feeling of tiredness mixed with a trifle of sad,

Ending my day by the sea I returned to the same empty home,

On the same silent deserted street , empty and all alone.

But as soon as I open the door,

The book on the table gently flutters,

As if to say

” You’re late today, my friend!”

Father And Son

Hello Papa how have you been,
How’s mummy and the rest of our kin,
There’s something I wanted to talk to you about,
Only if you promise to listen to me and not to shout.

Hi son, all is well and everyone is happy here,
Your mummy misses you cos she hasn’t seen you for more than a year,
Hope life has been treating you good,
Why do you look like you haven’t been properly having your food?
Anyways tell me what’s troubling you my son,
Why do you look nervous as if someone’s pointing at you with a gun?

No Papa I’m taking care of myself believe me,
I’m working honestly and trying hard to conquer the world for you to see,
But lately I have been confused of what’s happening to me,
Since a few days back I’ve come to know this one girl whom I want to believe.
And I really don’t know why I’m attracted towards her,
It’s not that she’s the nicest girl in town cos I’ve seen better,
But there’s something about the way she talks,
Making me think of her day and night and forget all of my works.

Don’t worry son nothing’s happening to you,
I’ve been there before and I’ve experienced it too,
The thing we’re talking about here is love,
You’re in love son that’s why you’re feeling like heaven above,
But you need to be calm and keep one foot still in reality,
Just like your spiderman said in that movie “with great power comes great responsibility”,
And then you need to be true to her,
Show her respect is the first thing whenever she’s near,
Cos there’s no other feeling in this world that can even remotely compare,
Now you shall know what these words mean sacrifice, patience and share!

I think I get what you’re saying dad,
I’ll always remember your words whenever I start getting mad,
Cos I don’t want to make her upset and drive her away,
Instead I want to see her every morning and together listen to sugar ray,
So on that thought shall we conclude,
I’ll make sure towards her I’m never fake or rude,
I’ll try to win her with what I actually am,

Your simply complicated son is what I am!


The Lamest Thing

When I look at the words I write here in my post,
No wonder I actually feel like a moronic ghost,
Cos I know if only  I could utter these out,
I wouldn’t feel like a knocked out boxer in the very first bout.

I have tried to do good stuffs in the past,
Acting tough and strong but knowing it will never last,
But all I got was a “you’re not a saint”  card,
It felt the world was filled with normal people and I was the only retard.

Then I tried to turn myself into something bad,
I failed is all I can say from all the experiences I have had,
Cos in the end being bad didn’t do any good to me,
There were more evil folks out there, out smarting me miserably.

Eventually I started “I give a damn” attitude,
I was initially happy until my heart and my mind started making feud,
Cos I wasn’t manufactured to not be sensitive and not at all care,
“Respect your elders and love those younger” was what my parents had always shared.

Finally I started writing in this post,
Hell ’twas free and not even a joining cost,
Little did I know about the great poets and writers here who shine like rubies and gems,
Just reading their post so good makes me wish I was as good as them,
I ain’t insecure I think, but I wish I was the best in something too,
Me pretending to be a poet by far seems like the lamest thing to do.


If Only

If I could have met you before,
I would have fallen for you from head to toe,
Eternity wouldn’t have seemed like miles away,
I would have tried to make you mine every single day.

If you could have set your eyes on me just one time,
You would have known my love for you will always be in its prime,
And never a day would pass by when you won’t get to smile,
For you I would have swum a hundred ocean or walked a thousand miles.

If we could have actually been together,
Nothing could have bothered me no rain, no sun and no weather,
For I would know I’d get to see you at the end of the day,
That alone would have been enough to keep my worries at bay.

Now I actually regret the times I missed,
When you weren’t on the priority in my list,
And I wasted it all in everything but you,
little did I know It was already time to meet someone new.

But now that I have missed my chance,
And I won’t even get to see you ever,
Reminiscing the times we never spent,
Regretting why on earth couldn’t we be together!
We could have had love and care for each other to pour,
If only….. If only I had met you before!